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Carbamate MN

Carbamate MN is applied as a depressor of pyrotine of metal-nickel ores, a reagent of non-cyanic technology for sulphide ores flotation, a stopper of synthetic caoutchouc and latex polymerization as well as for oil additives prtodution.


  • Technical (for ND): Carbamate MN
  • Chemical (according to IUPAC): N, N-dimethyldithiocarbamate sodium
  • Trade name: Carbamate MN
  • Synonym: Sodium dimethyldithiocarbaminoacidic, dimethyldithiocarbamate sodium
  • Dangerous goods

    Class 9 subclass 9.1 accordint to GOST 19433-88. Special instructions on handling with the product are given in MSDS.

    UNO serial number: 3077

    CAS registry number: 128-04-1

  • Packaging

    4-5 layer bags with polyethylene bags or polypropylene bags, net weight 20-30 kg. Special soft container MKP-1,0, C-1,0 of kapron fabric TK-80 or TTP. It for production of oil additives too. It is used in oil additives production and in other spheres.


Shelf life – 2 years since the production date. Product conformity to sanitary regulations and standards is confirmed by the sanitary-epidemiological certificate


  • Metallurgy

  • Chemical industry

  • Rubber