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The main types of raw materials

Name Grade


Caustic liquid pot


100% grade 1, sup. brand "solution"




A, B, grade 1, sup.




ТУ 6-360-204208-107-89 м. A, B


Liquid sulfur


127.1-93, grade 9998






Hydrogen peroxide


ОСТ 301-02-205-99 grade B, ГОСТ 177-88, grade B




25043-87 grade 1




2222-78, mark А




6221-90, mark А


Sulfuric acid contact improved



Partner Requirements

Legal entities (residents of the Russian Federation and non-residents) with the appropriate legal status are allowed to participate in competitive procedures. Competitive bidders must meet the following requirements:

  • The product complies with the parameters of ND

    Compliance of the procurement participant with the requirements established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for persons who supply goods, perform works, and provide services that are the subject of procurement

  • Acceptable price for the partner's products

    Non-suspension of the procurement participant's activities in accordance with the procedure provided for by the Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation on the day of filing an application for participation in procurement

  • Compliance with business ethics and anti-corruption principles

    Failure to liquidate (terminate or reorganize) a procurement participant or a legal entity, and the absence of an arbitration court decision to declare a procurement participant-a legal entity or individual entrepreneur-bankrupt and to open bankruptcy proceedings

  • Availability of a quality management system for the product manufacturer

    The procurement participant does not have any arrears on accrued taxes, fees and other mandatory payments to budgets of any level or state extra-budgetary funds for the past calendar year

  • Responsible and careful attitude to the environment

    Absence of enforcement proceedings, finding the property of the procurement participant under arrest, imposed by a court decision, if at the time of expiration of the contract, the book value of the seized property exceeds twenty-five percent of the book value of the assets of the participant in the order placement according to the accounting statements for the last completed reporting period

  • Compliance with the principles of social responsibility towards our own employees

    Indicators of financial and economic activity of the procurement participant must indicate its solvency and financial stability

  • Loyalty

    Performance (rendering) by the procurement participant of the relevant works (services) for the last three years preceding the date of submission of the application)

  • Meeting delivery deadlines

    Availability of the relevant goods, production facilities, technological equipment, financial and labor resources, and permits required to perform the relevant works and services

How to become a supplier?

  1. How to become a supplier?

    The supplier fills out and mail the application form to info@zos-v.ru, our managers contact the supplier.

  2. Request for documents

    A list of duly certified copies of mandatory documents is requested from the supplier:

    • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
    • The company's Charter, which contains information about the location of the organization, the goals of its activities and the authority of the head;
    • Certificate of registration with the tax authority;
    • Document confirming the authority of the person who signed the agreement;
    • artner card.
  3. Verification of the supplier

    Depending on the category of purchased resources, the qualification check may consist of several stages:

    1. 1. Documentation check

      Our departments check the documents received from the supplier

    2. 2. Financial evaluation

      The Manager compares several offers, compares delivery terms, terms, and price

    3. 3. Selecting the most profitable offers

      Offers provided by suppliers are evaluated within 2 weeks.

  4. Agreement conclusion

    A contract is signed with the selected supplier and cooperation begins.