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  • 2020
  • 4 June 2020

    Attention, beware of crooks!

    Dear clients and partners

    JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese" warns of the appearance of fraudulent sites on the Internet, which fully copy the Internet resources of "Volzhsky Orgsynthese". The next fraudulent sites were found at z-osv.ru, met.z-osv.ru and mma.z-osv.ru. The criminals have completely copied the real sites of "Volzhsky Orgsynthese".

    Please, pay attention to the address (URL) of the site you are visiting. You can always see it in the address bar of your browser.

    z-osv.ru - officially registered domain name of JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese". In order to avoid damage from possible fraudulent actions, JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese" strongly recommends to be careful when communicating with unknown addressees, as well as to verify the information and contacts of employees of the methionine sales service, placed on the official sites of JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese": z-osv.ru, met.z-osv.ru mma.z-osv.ru.

    Full cycle of biological treatment of waste water at own treatment facilities;
    Disposal of disposable liquid toxic waste in underground horizons to a depth of more than one kilometer;
    Disposal of solid waste in a specially equipped industrial site with a sanitary protection zone, equipped with artificially planted forest belts with a total area of 25 hectares.


    • 7 April 2020

      Results of special assessment of working conditions at JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese".

      In connection with the completion of a special assessment of working conditions at JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese", we publish:

      1) Summary data on the results of special assessment of working conditions at the working places of employees of JSC "Volzhsky Orgsynthese" as of 14.04.2020.
      2) The list of measures on improvement of working conditions and labour protection on special assessment of working conditions in shops No. 16,35,51
      The documents are available for viewing in PDF format.